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The Sargent Area Chamber

The Mission

The mission of the Sargent Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote and advance the interests of the Sargent area business communities. These goals will be accomplished by encouraging growth of existing businesses and industries, providing assistance to new firms or individuals seeking to locate in the Sargent area and advocating legislative and political actions beneficial to the business or general community. The Chamber will also support and encourage those cultural and civic activities that improve or expand the quality of life in the Sargent area.

Additional Sargent Information

The County Road / Private Road number is a system that allows 911 responders to locate your residence with more precision. For instance 1200 CR 206 (Creekside) is 1.2 miles from the intersection of CR 298 (Caney Drive). See the road cross reference index in the directory.

The Post Office prefers to deliver to the County Road / Private Road address. According to the United States Postal Service the preferred city for zip code 77414 is Bay City, TX. Zip code 77414 is assigned to home delivery while 77404 is assigned to Post Office boxes at the Sargent Post Office.

However, delivery services (UPS, FedEx) can find your residence easier in some cases if you give them the old lot number street name address for GPS (Global Positioning System). While GPS is good, it is not perfect.

The most common places to find more copies of this publication are the food establishments listed under the Restaurant section. Please keep in mind this publication is a volunteer effort.